The Collection of Unique and Extremophilic Microorganisms (UNIQEM)

Base institution
Winogradsky Institute of Microbiology, Federal State Institution «Federal Research Centre «Fundamentals of Biotechnology» of the Russian Academy of Sciences»
Address: Leninsky prospect, 33, build. 2, Moscow, 119071, Russia

Andrey Mulyukin, Head of the UNIQEM Collection, Dr. Sci. (Biology)
E-mail: Telephone: +7 (499) 135-12-29, code 751

Profile and services
Resources: bacteria, archaea.
Main taxa: Azospirillum,Geobacillus, Methylocapsa, Methylocystis,Planctomicrobium (and other Planctomycetes),Streptomyces, Sulfobacillus, Thermofilum, Thioalkalivibrio.
Applications: Agro, Bioremediation, Environmental Safety, Fundamental Science.
Peculiarities of the collection: UNIQEM Collectioncomprises > 2500 strains, including representatives of new taxa. Some microbial strains are used in biohydrometallurgy, oil recovery, waste processing or as producers of bioactive substances. More than 200 new strains are annually isolated and identified. UNIQEM Collection implements research in the field of microbial survival.
Participation in clusters of expertise:
Legal issues (proposals to amendments to the Russian Federation Law on Scientific activities and regulations concerning collections), Andrey Mulyukin,
Cultivation & Preservation (bacterial dormancy and survival), Andrey Mulyukin,
Other relevant expertise
Electron microscopy (characterization of cell morphology using electron microscopy and EDS analysis of singular cells): Nadezhda Kostrikina, Vladimir Sorokin,