All-Russian Collection of Microorganisms (VKM)

Base institution:
G.K.Skryabin Institute of Biochemistry and Physiology of Microorganisms,
Federal Research Center «Pushchino Scientific Center for Biological Research of the Academy of Sciences»
Address: Prospect Nauki 5, Pushchino Moscow Region, 142290, Russia

Lyudmila Evtushenko, VKM head, D.Sc. (Biology)
E-mail: Telephone: +7 (496) 773-09-24
Alexander Vasilenko, IT specialist
E-mail: Telephone: +7 (916) 714-54-51
Sergey Absalyamov, Information support group

Profile and services
Resources: bacteria, archaea, yeasts, filamentous fungi.
Deposited taxa: bacteria, archaea, yeasts, filamentous fungi.
Applications: Agro, Biotechnology, Bioremediation, Environmental Safety, Fundamental Science.
Peculiarities of the collection: Strains from Russia and worldwide, including polar regions (Arctic and Antarctic), isolated from various sources. Type strains and representatives of yet undescribed taxa, and strains of biotechnological and biomedical interest, including degraders of pollutants and natural biopolymers, plant growth promoters, producers of enzymes and bioactive substances (antibiotics, yeast-produced killer toxins/mycocins, etc.). VKM acts as an International Authority under Budapest Treaty. Member of WFCC and ECCO.
Participation in clusters of expertise:
Legal issues, Patent deposition, Taxonomy, Cultivation & Preservation, Applications & Technologies, IT & Data management, Quality Management.
Legal issues, Oleg Stupar,
Patent deposition, Galina Kochkina,
Taxonomy (archaea), Victoria Shcherbakova
Taxonomy (bacteria, actinomycetes), Lyudmila Evtushenko,, Elena Ariskina,
Chemotaxonomy, Alexander Avtukh,
Cultivation & Preservation (expertise in long-term conservation of filamentous fungi), Fungal diversity in culture collections, Nataliya E. Ivanushkina,
Applications & Technologies Oleg Stupar,
IT & Data management (FAIR, Data standards and Database integration), Alexander Vasilenko,
Quality Management Oleg Stupar,