VKM Catalogue

VKM No.Ac-702 Type
Scientific name of the strainKineosporia aurantiaca Pagani and Parenti 1978 emend. Itoh et al. 1989
Other culture collection No.ATCC 29727; DSM 43858; IFO 13890; IFO (now NBRC)14067; JCM 3230; NCIMB 11473; NRRL B-16913
HistoryParenti F., A/10312
Source of isolationsoil
Incubation temp. (C)28
Storage methodsC-1, F-1
DNA sequencesAF095336, X87110, AB003931, D86937
Pathogenicity group (SanPin 3.3686-21, 28.01.2021, Russia)no

Updated 10/05/2023