VKM Catalogue

VKM No.F-1433
Scientific name of the strainBackusella indica (Baijal et B.S. Mehrotra 1965) G. Walther et de Hoog 2013
SynonymMucoe recurvus E.E. Butler 1952 var. indicus Baijal et B.S.Mehrotra 1965
HistoryINMI, VKM F-1433 < Botanical Department, University of Allahabad, India
Received asMucor recurvus var. indica
Source of isolationsoil
Incubation temp. (C)25
Storage methodsC-1, C-7, C-8, D-4, F-1
Pathogenicity group (SanPin 3.3686-21, 28.01.2021, Russia)no

Updated 10/05/2023