VKM genetic data with 26S rRNA gene sequences

IDVKM culture* GenusSpeciesSequenced culture*Seq_type GenBank No bp
483 Y-1532 Curvibasidium cygneicollum CBS 4551 26S rRNA gene AF189928 618
484 Y-1628 Papiliotrema laurentii VKM Y-1628 26S rRNA gene FN689394 1071
485 Y-1665 Papiliotrema laurentii VKM Y-1665 26S rRNA gene FN689393 1071
497 Y-2284 Curvibasidium pallidicorallinum CBS 9091 26S rRNA gene AF444736 618
482 Y-2428 Mrakia aquatica VKM Y-2428 26S rRNA gene AY526216 649
496 Y-2905 Papiliotrema perniciosus VKM Y-2905 26S rRNA gene AF472624 597
495 Y-2906 Papiliotrema nemorosus VKM Y-2906 26S rRNA gene AF472625 597
492 Y-2918 Filobasidium stepposum VKM Y-2918 26S rRNA gene DQ222456 585
494 Y-2923 Saitozyma paraflava VKM Y-2923 26S rRNA gene AY395799 594
493 Y-2939 Piskurozyma silvicola PTZ 82 (ex-type) 26S rRNA gene AY898955 600
487 Y-2954 Piskurozyma filicata VKM Y-2954 26S rRNA gene EU433983 618
486 Y-2955 Piskurozyma filicata VKM Y-2955 26S rRNA gene EU433984 620
491 Y-2958 Kwoniella pini VKM Y-2958 26S rRNA gene EF672245 643
489 Y-2962 Yamadamyces rosulatus CBS10977 26S rRNA gene EU872490 570
490 Y-2964 Oberwinklerozyma straminea CBS10976 26S rRNA gene EU872489 530
488 Y-2971 Oberwinklerozyma silvestris CBS 11420 26S rRNA gene GQ121044 506
145 Y-3103 Spencermartinsiella europaea KBP 3878 26S rRNA gene FN659776 628
*Comment: The "Sequenced culture" column indicates the collection number of the actually sequenced culture, and the "VKM culture" column indicates the corresponding collection number in VKM.

Updated 02/11/2023