VKM genetic data with gyrB gene sequences

IDVKM culture* GenusSpeciesSequenced culture*Seq_type GenBank Nobp
2947 Ac-1390 Rathayibacter festucae VKM Ac-1390 gyrB gene KX758018 765
2961 Ac-1600 Rathayibacter toxicus VKM Ac-1600 gyrB gene KX758027 765
2963 Ac-1601 Rathayibacter rathayi VKM Ac-1601 gyrB gene KX758022 765
2968 Ac-1602 Rathayibacter iranicus VKM Ac-1602 gyrB gene KX758021 765
2970 Ac-1603 Rathayibacter tritici VKM Ac-1603 gyrB gene KX758033 765
2990 Ac-1799 Rathayibacter caricis VKM Ac-1799 gyrB gene KX758015 765
395 B-711 Bacillus safensis VKM B-711 gyrB gene KX011111 1158
394 B-732 Weizmannia coagulans VKM B-732 gyrB gene KX028866 756
2767 B-760 Bacillus licheniformis VKM B-760 gyrB gene KX028867 537
417 B-762 Bacillus inaquosorum VKM B-762 gyrB gene HQ605915 1063
418 B-2519 Sphaerotilus montanus HS gyrB gene FJ161075 1190
396 B-2520 Thiothrix caldifontis G1 gyrB gene FJ032200 1123
397 B-2521 Thiothrix lacustris BL gyrB gene FJ032199 1120
134 B-2935 Pseudomonas turukhanskensis IB-1.1 gyrB gene LT219440 1149
*Comment: The "Sequenced culture" column indicates the collection number of the actually sequenced culture, and the "VKM culture" column indicates the corresponding collection number in VKM.

Updated 06/11/2023