VKM genetic data with mxaF gene sequences

IDVKM culture* GenusSpeciesSequenced culture*Seq_type GenBank Nobp
160 B-1335 Angulomicrobium tetraedrale VKM B-1335 mxaF gene DQ652142 498
168 B-1607 Methylophilus sp. B-1607mxaF gene HM001270 516
157 B-1623 Methylophilus methylotrophus VKM B-1623 mxaF gene FJ904267 508
125 B-2543 Methyloferula stellata AR4 mxaF gene FR686349 537
159 B-2547 Methylophilus flavus Ship mxaF gene FJ872110 513
158 B-2548 Methylophilus luteus Mim mxaF gene FJ872111 505
166 B-2590 Methylobacillus arboreus Iva mxaF gene HM030736 467
167 B-2591 Methylobacillus gramineus Lap mxaF gene HM030735 453
165 B-2663 Methylovorus menthalis MM mxaF gene HQ380797 516
164 B-2706 Methyloligella halotolerans C2 mxaF gene JQ796869 528
163 B-3145 Ancylobacter sonchi Osot mxaF gene KY496776 505
161 B-3158 Methylobacillus caricis OV mxaF gene KY807769 543
162 B-3159 Methylophilus aquaticus LTK mxaF gene KY807768 482
*Comment: The "Sequenced culture" column indicates the collection number of the actually sequenced culture, and the "VKM culture" column indicates the corresponding collection number in VKM.

Updated 07/11/2023