Consolidated Catalogue

Strain No.VKM Y-2654 Type
Scientific name of the strainCandida lactis-condensi (Hammer 1919) S.A. Meyer et Yarrow 1978
SynonymTorula lactis-condensi Hammer 1919 Type strain; Torulopsis lactis-condensi (Hammer 1919) Lodder et Kreger-van Rij 1952 Type strain
Other culture collection No.CBS 52; VKM Y-1488; VKM Y-2172; ATCC 60137; CCRC 21638; IFO 0702; IFO 1286; NRRL Y-1515; VKM Y-2654; JCM 9472
HistoryCBS 52
Source of isolationsweetened condensed milk
Incubation temp. (C)27
Storage methodsF-3, S-4
Pathogenicity group (SanPin 3.3686-21, 28.01.2021, Russia)4

Updated 02/02/2024