Welcome to All-Russian Collection of Microorganisms - VKM!

    VKM is one of the Russia’s largest research and service collections in the field of non-medical microbiology. The collection maintains about 20 000 strains including many type and reference strains. The list of species maintained by VKM has been included in the World Directory of Collections of Cultures of Microorganisms of the World Data Centre, where VKM is assigned number 342. Research at VKM emphasizes taxonomy and ecology of selected groups of microorganisms - bacteria (including actinomycetes) and micro fungi (including yeasts).

    VKM offers services like supply of cultures on request, deposition of cultures - including deposition for patent purposes according to national and international regulations - as well as contract research, identification, safe keeping of cultures etc. VKM maintains active communications with a network of several Russian non-medical culture collections as well as a number of professional governmental and non-governmental organizations in the country and world-wide.

    VKM operates as a Department of the G.K. Skryabin Institute of Biochemistry and Physiology of Microorganisms RAS at the Pushchino Biological Research Center. The Institute runs several active research programs - in particular those emphasizing environmental issues.

Please send any questions and comments to vkm@pbcras.ru
Last modified  18.11.2023