Micro\RU: Culture collections of the Russian network                    

    The network was established within the framework of the project "Creation of the network of Russian microbial collections (VKM, UNIQEM, IEGM) on the basis of the All-Russian Collection of Microorganisms aimed at the developing collection funds, information resourses and services and improving the research efficiency in genetic technologies” (Grant agreement No. 075-15-2021-1051).

On-line access to web portals of the network members:

  All-Russian Collection of Microorganisms (VKM) - coordinator of the network.
  The Collection of Unique and Extremophilic Microorganisms (UNIQEM)
  Regional Specialized Collection of Alkanotrophic Microorganisms (IEGM)
  Komarov Botanical Institute Basidiomycetes Culture Collection (LE-BIN)

Description of the partners


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Updated  05.01.2024